Jahziah (Jos-iah) McKenzie


Update: March 2, 2019

While we have coordinated all aspects of Jahziah’s treatment and are now in the final stage of making travel arrangements, a separate opportunity for baby Jahziah has suddenly presented itself outside of SHEA Charity. The family has decided to accept the other opportunity.

We wish Jahziah all the very best. We pray that her treatment journey is a safe and successful one.

SHEA will no longer be accepting donations on Jahziah’s behalf. Please donate directly to her mother, Ephah. Funds already raised though SHEA will be transferred to the new treatment plan. Jahziah's case is now closed.

Original Case Story:

5-month-old Jahziah (Jos-iah) McKenzie has Down syndrome and was also born with Atrioventricular (AV) Canal Defect (a hole in her heart). Since birth, her mother, Ephah, has been her warrior and sole caregiver. Ephah, who is a single mother of two girls, reached out to SHEA with the most heart wrenching plea for help to save her baby’s life.

Ephah explained that she has faced incredible struggles in her quest for treatment for little Jahziah. She used her savings to pay for her daughter to be seen and diagnosed at the Balwant Singh Hospital where an echo-cardiogram test was done; however, the hospital could not offer treatment due to the lack of equipment needed for pediatric heart surgery. She was advised to go to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) for further assistance.

Ephah expressed further frustrations in securing the required treatment at GPHC, as she was told that the results of the echo test done at the Balwant Singh Hospital could not be used at GPHC and that she would need to have another test done. Her struggles and frustration continued as she could not get an appointment to have the echo test redone at GPHC, despite numerous trips to the clinic. Luckily, a few days ago, with the help of the Ministry of Health, she was able to get an appointment and baby Jahziah had her echo test done on February 15.

Despite all of her trials, including strapping her daughter to her chest and walking miles to clinic visits, Ephah was told that she may need to seek overseas treatment, since the treatment needed is not available in Guyana.

SHEA has accepted baby Jahziah’s case and we are working to secure treatment for her overseas. We now need your help to save this young life and bring some relief to her amazing mom.

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Baby Jahziah with her mom, Ephah.

Baby Jahziah with her mom, Ephah.

Baby Jahziah with SHEA’s Lead Volunteer, Sita Sugrim

Baby Jahziah with SHEA’s Lead Volunteer, Sita Sugrim