Banner image provided by photographer Keron Bruce.

Our Mission

Saving Hands Emergency Aid, Inc. is a humanitarian organization that provides financial assistance and coordinates free or low cost treatment to address the emergency medical needs of individuals in impoverished countries. Beginning in Guyana and the Caribbean and seeking to expand to other geographic areas in need as funds come available, we will support and empower patients who cannot afford crucial medical treatment due to poverty or lack of appropriate services in their home nation.

Our vision and methodology is to: (a) identify individuals in impoverished communities with the most need, (b) locate and leverage funding for medical aid and/or humanitarian services on a case-by-case basis; and (c) through partnerships of compassion and expertise, positively impact and improve health conditions one person at a time.

Saving Hands Emergency Aid, Inc. will develop into a sustainable and replicable model for improving emergency health outcomes and, within a holistic framework of strategic partnerships, we will create, fund and implement healthcare plans that provide diverse individuals in need with life-saving medical treatment and services.